ATRIUM wekker - Radiogestuurd - Digitaal - Zilver - A760-19
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ATRIUM wekker - Radiogestuurd - Digitaal - Zilver - A760-19



ATRIUM's best-designed alarm clock! Both the striking red switch on the top and the setting buttons on the front make the alarm clock easy to operate. The light can be activated for 5 seconds by pressing the button. There is also a senosr-controlled backlight that can be switched on at will: in doing so, the intelligent light sensor senses the brightness of the room and automatically activates a permanent discreet light in the dark. The snooze function can be repeated 4 times in 5 minutes. The display shows the clock time (12-hour or 24-hour format), the European date, the weekday in English/French/German/Spanish/Italian, the indoor temperature and the set wake-up time. It receives the signal via the time signal DCF77 near Frankfurt. Time setting and summer/winter time changeover are therefore automatic.

    Radio-controlled digital alarm clock
    Switchable sensor-controlled backlight in the dark
    Display with date weekday, indoor temperature and alarm time
    Buzzer beep and snooze function
    Adjustment buttons on the front


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