Traveller Clip-on Earrings - Hoops - Platinum plated - Preciosa Crystals - 33 mm - 155836
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Traveller Clip-on Earrings - Hoops - Platinum plated - Preciosa Crystals - 33 mm - 155836


  • Crystals from Preciosa
  • Platinum plated
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Weight per earring: 6 grams/ 0.2116oz
  • Eco-friendly gift packaging

Hoop earrings have been an icon in the fashion world for years; these from Traveller are specially designed for those without pierced ears. The sparkling clip-on hoop earrings have a protective layer of platinum and are studded with Preciosa crystals. The earrings have a diameter of 33 millimetres, a thickness of 4 millimetres and weigh 6 grams each. Thanks to Traveller's unique fastening system, these earrings are very comfortable, light and safe to wear.

These clip-on earrings are packaged in an environmentally certified gift box!

Platinum is a precious metal also used in white gold and silver jewellery to protect against oxidation (colour change).

Preciosa crystals are made from the finest raw materials from the Czech region and are unrivalled in quality and brilliance. Each stone is carefully worked by hand using age-old glass-blowing techniques and made from natural Bohemian sand, known for its richness in silica and silicon oxide.


Tijdloze sieraden, waar een klassieke uitstraling en modern design samenkomen. Wereldse sieraden van hoogwaardige kwaliteit, zo fijn gemaakt dat ze nauwelijks van juwelen te onderscheiden zijn. Alle kristallen zijn van Swarovski. Elk stuk is met de hand gepolijst, met 22 karaat goud verguld, of voorzien van het edelmetaal rhodium.

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