Traveller Clip-on Earring - Pearls - 12 mm - White - Preciosa Crystals - Platinum plated - 15x12 mm - 113487
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Traveller Clip-on Earring - Pearls - 12 mm - White - Preciosa Crystals - Platinum plated - 15x12 mm - 113487


  • Pearls from Mallorca
  • Crystals from Preciosa
  • Platinum plated
  • Dimensions: 15 x 12 mm
  • Weight per earring: 5 grams/ 0.1764oz
  • Eco-friendly gift packaging

These chic clip-on earrings from Traveler make you shine. The classic cream-colored pearl clip-on earrings in this design have a sparkling crystal from Preciosa at the top. The high-quality imitation pearls come from Mallorca - an island known for its pearls. The platinum plated earrings measure 15 x 12 millimeters and weigh 5 grams each. Thanks to Traveller's unique closure system, these clip-on earrings are very comfortable, light and safe to wear.

These clip-on earrings are packaged in a gift box made of environmentally certified material!

Platinum is a precious metal that is also used in white gold and silver jewelry as protection against oxidation (color change).

Preciosa's crystals are made from the best raw materials from the Czech region and are unparalleled in quality and shine. Each stone is carefully crafted by hand using age-old glass-blowing techniques and made from natural Bohemian sand, known for its richness in silica and silicon oxide.

The pearls in Traveler jewelry are made in Manacor, Mallorcan, where the famous imitation pearls have been replacing real pearls in women's dreams for years. Here the creation of pearls with special glass was perfected to miraculously imitate nature. Specialized craftsmen use this glass for the heart of our pearls, where layer by layer of pearl essence is applied to guarantee the perfect color, light and texture. Finally, every pearl undergoes a strict selection procedure and quality control.


Tijdloze sieraden, waar een klassieke uitstraling en modern design samenkomen. Wereldse sieraden van hoogwaardige kwaliteit, zo fijn gemaakt dat ze nauwelijks van juwelen te onderscheiden zijn. Alle kristallen zijn van Swarovski. Elk stuk is met de hand gepolijst, met 22 karaat goud verguld, of voorzien van het edelmetaal rhodium.

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